Established in 1573, #8 Most Valuable Spirit Brand in the World.

Luzhou Laojiao shows off its 400 plus years of spirit making expertise with this product. Zisha was created with the traditional methodologies of Chinese Baijiu production. It has an extremely complex floral aroma and rich taste. The product is completed with a traditional Chinese bottle design which beautifully displays the heritage and history of the Luzhou Laojiao brand. Zisha is best enjoyed neat over fine Chinese dining.

Accolades: Bronze Medal SFWSC 2014

Origin: Luzhoa, Sichuan Province, China Mash: 60% Sorghum, 20% Wheat, 20% Rice

Eye: Crystal, Pure, Full-Bodied

Nose: Peppery, ripe peach, toasted rice

Tongue: Bubblegum, Stone Fruit, Fresh Pineapple Juice

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ABV 52% (104 PF) Size: 375 ML


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