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Driftless Glen Young Rye is the first whiskey our distillery has bottled.  Our Young Rye is 75% rye. We chose to bottle at cask strength to preserve the flavors of a young product.

Each barrel of rye that is bottled is handpicked. We don’t believe in cut and dry age statements or proofs, rather we rely on taste. Every Friday the team at DG tastes a number of barrels and only 1 or 2 are selected for bottling. Our distillers hand write on each label which batch your whiskey is from to keep to our handcrafted beliefs.

We hope that the complexity of flavors in our Young Rye will serve as a preview of what’s to come with our longer aging whiskeys.

Accolades: Silver – WSWA 2017

Origin: Baraboo, WI

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